It is our sincerest request to Boycott Israeli products either made in Israel or outside of the country that are indirectly or directly supporting Israel.

You can do this by simply informing others of the initiative and making them aware of what you learn here. Simple emails, tweets and shares on Facebook itself will lend momentum to the boycott movement.

Please note though that any Jewish company outside of Israel that is not supporting Israel through its services, technology or produce has been exempt from the Boycott. We are humans and support justice and our cause is against Zionism not any particular religion.

Israel products are now being given a bar code starting either with 729 or 871 making the bar code an excellent identifier. Thus, simply read the label to find out whether you ought to purchase the product or not.

Why Boycott Israel?

When you purchase products of Israeli origin or from companies that support Israel directly or indirectly, you are also being a part of the economy that supports the genocide and massacre of thousands of innocent Palestinians. These natives have nowhere to turn to and they are attacked on a daily basis by land, sea and air!

Understand the Barcodes

Bar codes that start with 729 indicate that the item has been produced in Israel. This is the surest way to know an Israeli product since the barcode beginning is specific to country of origin.

On the other hand, at times the bar code may begin with 871, which in turn signifies that the company is Israeli in origin and is manufacturing elsewhere.

We also suggest buying products such as Car insurance from non-Israeli companies. As a website operating in the UK, we are a strong believer of supporting the local UK economy – and that means buying things such as insurance through a local, independent UK insurance broker – free from all Israeli connections. We personally use as our insurance broker of choice, and find they offer a more than reasonable line of insurance products; such as car, van, bike, home, motor trade insurance and HGV insurance.